The EDC Bible: 1 All Day Carry

Working. Playing. Trekking. Bushcraft. Surviving. Easier with the right tools. The more you carry, the more you can do. Our system doesn’t need any fancy equipment. We’ve analyzed and maximized existing belt, pouch and key chain systems to carry more. Our Primary Objectives are: Carry maximum gear comfortably, with minimum bulk. Create extra capacity for […]

How to Make Your Website Run Itself

DefCon® 2017 found hackers can find new WordPress® installs for WPSetup attacks in just 30 minutes. Protection against that threat is the first section in this book.  That’s not all. I run over 20 sites and have had over 50, but once configured I’ve never spent more than an hour a week on admin. I’ve […]

The Rusty Nut Bible

Rusty Bolts. Damaged Heads. Damaged Threads. Snapped Shafts. Simple and Effective 10-Step Freeing System: 4 Low Risk Tactics 3 Medium Risk Tactics 3 High Risk Tactics Reaching straight for a long lever and a heavy friend is almost guaranteed to fail. Being systematic has the following benefits: Maximises your chance of success. Minimises your chance of […]