The EDC Bible: 1 All Day Carry

Working. Playing. Trekking. Bushcraft. Surviving.

Easier with the right tools. The more you carry, the more you can do.

Our system doesn’t need any fancy equipment. We’ve analyzed and maximized existing belt, pouch and key chain systems to carry more.

Our Primary Objectives are:

  • Carry maximum gear comfortably, with minimum bulk.
  • Create extra capacity for backups of vital items: One is None, Two is One.
  • Move equipment simply between clothing items, storage and luggage.
  • Secure everything against theft or accidental loss.
  • Deploy items quickly when needed.

Our Secondary Objectives are:

  • Reduce damage to clothing, seats and gear.
  • Conceal items from thieves and casual observers.

Our solution a Flexible Carry Systemâ„¢:

  • Distribute items evenly among multiple rigs.
  • Attach worn items flexibly, allowing them to self-adjust by bending and moving as you do.
  • Include numerous detachment points for rigs, clusters and individual items.
  • Stay organized so things can be easily located and rapidly deployed.