How to Make Your Website Run Itself

DefCon® 2017 found hackers can find new WordPress® installs for WPSetup attacks in just 30 minutes. Protection against that threat is the first section in this book.  That’s not all. I run over 20 sites and have had over 50, but once configured I’ve never spent more than an hour a week on admin. I’ve set up each site up to:
  • Secure Itself
  • Write Itself
  • Share Itself
  • Update Itself
  • Tune Itself
  • Monitor Itself
  • Back Itself Up

That’s done using carefully selected WordPress plugins which take the time-munching drudgery out of site admin. I’ll show you how to do this with one-stop-shop meta-plugins or selected individual ones.

I’ll also show you how I evaluate plugins for quality and support, so you can make informed decisions for the specific ones you need on your site.

Finally, I’ll share pro tips on how to install or remove a plugin on all your sites in just a few minutes. All this will dramatically shrink your admin overhead, leaving you to: Say things, sell things or just play…