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The System

  • Simple & Effective 10 Step System.
  • Maximises Your Chances of Success.
  • Save Time & Effort.
  • Preserve Irreplaceable Parts.

The Best of Both Worlds

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The Paperback or kindle eBook


  • How Things Rust & Why It Matters.
  • How Tools & Fasteners Work.
  • The Six Simple Machines.
  • The Right Tool for the Job.
  • Free Seized Fasteners.
  • Revive Damaged Fasteners.
  • Extract Broken Fasteners.

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Review from Amazon… I A Pitman, UK (kindle version)

"Don't reach for the scaffold pole just yet! Read this comprehensive guide to getting that complete b@$**** of a bolt , nut or screw undone. Tackling the offending item using the methods advocated, in the right order, might just save you a huge bill! There's a chance you'll have tried one or two of the methods before but this is a comprehensive review of an oft overlooked subject written in a sensible but not dry manner. Should be recommended reading for students of mechanical engineering!"